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"Natana brings a sacred presence with the gift of knowing how to best honor each precious heart. Her loving attention brings a harmony and unity to the group that has allowed a cohesive community of support to arise spontaneously. What a joy to have discovered Natana and this group!"- Savannah Hanson

"The first day I joined Sacred Play, I felt at home, as if I was dancing with my tribe. Natana has an innate way to welcome each woman who enters the studio. No matter how limber, active, experienced, or inexperienced we are, we are welcome. She always compiles music that is unique and provocative - many tunes I've never heard before - and she combines them in such a way that my body, mind, emotions, and spirit feel alive and more mindful. We always end with quiet contemplation and a chance to share our experiences in a circle at the end. Inevitably, each of us has some experience to share; many times we relate with laughter; always we relate with love. I am so glad I was introduced to Natana and Sacred Play. My life has benefited from it!" - Shila Van Wagenen

"Natana brings joy to every class, with her love of dance and playful explorations. She is able to coax out insightful awareness in our on-going healing and personal growth journeys. My life is so much richer from my many experiences with Natana!" - Wendy Thompson

"I love dancing with Natana! I love being with Natana! What a joy to experience the loving, gracious, playful, magical, liberating space and spaciousness she creates." - Connie Parson

A little poem I wrote for our lovely circle:

The Unexpected Gifts

I came to dance

Laughter filled my ears

I came to release

And my heart was filled

I came to be among women

The Goddess embraced me

I came to move my body

Tears rolled down my cheeks

I came to escape

Presence kissed me

I came to listen to my body

Everything was listening

I came to exercise

I was blessed with rest

I came with intentionSurrender seduced me

I came thinking I knew why I was there

Peace open the door to the unknown

And gratitude held my hand, as we walked through - Karel Hendee