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About Natana

 Traumatized by the death of my mother at age two, my body responded by closing down and becoming chronically tense. My life since has been a search for that which returns me to an innate sense of ease and aliveness.

Because movement has always been where I've felt the most joyful, I chose to take a double major in Psychology and Dance, specializing in dance therapy and later, in graduate school, Expressive Therapy. While working as a movement and massage therapist, I found that as I slowed down and paid attention to my movements it was easy to love and appreciate this miraculous body of mine. Rosen Movement was especially helpful in giving me a sense of coming home and I became an instructor in 1998.

Following an injury while in an African dance troupe, I was forced to slow down further. As I could no longer perform, I entered the world of yoga. With restorative Bliss Yoga and meditation I discovered a deeper current of peacefulness within. I entered the Ngakpa International school with Pema Khandro Rinpoche and became a yoga and meditation teacher in 2003. Always learning, I am currently a student of Scaravelli Yoga with Louise Simmons This is a yoga like no other. I am learning to listen and follow my body's intelligence rather than my mind's and let it lead me towards an increased flow of life force.

It was not only my body that has been locked up but also my voice. I feared having one. My self-expression was limited to what was safe and acceptable. My teacher, Maniko Dru Dadigan,, has worked with my voice as a way of the healing obstacles of my heart. I am now not only speaking more freely but recorded a song I wrote on one of her CD's, "Medicine Voice: The Gift of Truth". Often my classes will end with a group song.

Karishma Deanna Darby,, whose work is about bringing awareness and authenticity into relationship with others, continues to teach me how to deepen this embodiment of aliveness. 

I have been blessed with many amazing teachers that continue to support me in my journey. I am so grateful!

As I integrate all of that I have learned it comes to play in my classes. Expressing my aliveness and supporting others in doing so is my therapy and my passion! Sacred Play is a place in which, through giving and receiving in our dances and meditations, we come to know our intrinsic beauty and connection to all.

The Love That Never Dies is the next step in my healing journey of the death of my mother. As we share our stories, our losses and our grief, our hearts heal, deepen and widen. We see we are not alone and perhaps we can even come to know a hidden gift in our experience.