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The Love That Never Dies

A nine week support group for women that are experiencing loss in their lives. Using movement, music, meditation, writing and the power of our own compassionate presence we will experience and share our grief in loving, safe and supportive atmosphere. Through the expression of our grief and all that can come with it; anger, shame, depression and hate, we will also come to know it's hidden gifts, allowing our lives to be enriched by them.

My desire is to share all that has helped in my healing the loss of my mother at age two so that others may receive what they need to heal their own wounds. This offering is a piece of my continuing journey of healing.

This will be a nine week group. The first meeting is to give you a chance to check it out and see if it is a good fit for you. The fee is $10. Once you decide, you are asked to commit to the full remaining eight weeks. The fee is $85.

A group is now forming. We will meet in town in Grass Valley. The time and date are being decided. Please let me know if this group is of interest to you.